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Budget Savings Plan 

How does it work?
In the Budget Savings Payment Plan you spread the cost of Home Heating over the year by paying monthly instalments by direct debit through your Bank Account. You my join the plan at any time of the year

Your First Delivery
Your first delivery under the Budget Savings Payment Plan must be paid in full on delivery. All payments thereafter will be debited from your Bank Account in the first week of each month.

Direct Debit Payments
All payments thereafter will be debited from your Bank Account in the first week of each month. Should a Direct Debit Payment be referred by your bank we will contact you by phone or in writing and ask you to please ensure that payment for the month is made by a different means (cheque, cash or laser payment) without delay. We regret that after two referred Direct Debit Payments, participation in the Budget Savings Payment Plan will be discontinued.

Cash Payments
You can make regular payments when it is convenient for you. simply contact your bank and ask them to set up a Standing Order from your account to our Stewarts Oil account. Call us and we will give you all the information you will need. This can be every week, fortnight or month - it's your choice. Alternatively you can call to our office in Boyle and arrange regular card payments, or call in and pay in cash.

Higher Usage than expected
If during the year consumption is higher than expected, it may be necessary to increase the monthly direct debits, or we may ask for an additional payment on delivery to prevent an outstanding balance at the end of your Budget Plan Year.

How Do I Join?
If you wish to participate in the Stewarts Oil Budget Savings Payment Plan, please email  for a form

Stewarts Oil,
Mill Lane, Boyle, Co. Roscommon



Fuel Cards

With Stewarts Oil Fuel Cards, you can now get auto diesel at 400 outlets around Ireland. Get details of our Budget Payment Plan

Budget Plan

1. Spread the cost of Heating Oil over the year.
2. Budget payment customers are eligible for home heating promotions during the year


Contact Stewarts Oil

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